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Choose 3 Flavors - 15 Pack

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  • Choose 3 flavors, 5 cups of each
  • 11 flavors to choose from


Zen Monkey is ready-to-eat right out of the fridge. Our oats are soaked in Apple Juice then mixed with creamy, non-fat Greek Yogurt and a LOT of fruit. Except we’ve done all the work for you. It comes all mixed together and it’s refrigerated. So you eat it the same way you’d eat yogurt. Just grab it out of the fridge, peel off the lid, and dig in. No cooking, no heating, no prep work. The easiest breakfast ever.


Our first and most important priority is taste. Zen Monkey is DELICIOUS. Sure, it’s good for you and has whole grains, fruit, protein from the yogurt, and all that good stuff. But our main selling point is HOW GOOD IT TASTES.. Kids LOVE it and kids don’t care about anything but taste!


If you haven’t tried Zen Monkey or made overnight oats yourself, then you HAVE NOT tried overnight oats. We are the only company that makes overnight oats the way you would at home. The oats are never cooked, they’re just soaked overnight in our blend of juice and yogurt. No HPP or other shortcuts either. Hands down the best product out there.


We ship Zen Monkey in the most high-end, insulated containers in the industry. We've tested every method imaginable and nothing else even comes close to our cold shipments. We use state of the art, triple layered soft insulation and gel packs... so your Zen Monkey arrives COLD, DRY, and UNDAMAGED. And the insulation and gel packs are all reusuable.


My wife, kids, and I love it!!! Super yummy!!! Super easy to eat on the go!!! Thank you Zen Monkey for making our mornings better. Love that you’re on Amazon👍 

By Amazon Customer

I love your overnight oatmeal! All the flavors are amazing! My favorite is the pineapple coconut!
Thanks for the different stories, too! It's an incredible concept that someone should have thought of a long time ago! Whoever you are, Zen Monkey, I love you! THANK YOU!!

By Lisa

These are delicious!! The oats were so thoughtfully packed. There was even a personal note from the ceo with his cellphone number if I had any concerns or questions. Definitely buying again!

By Amazon Customer